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We are a full-service design studio that focuses on concepts, interiors and products.

Colors, shapes and materials create a base that combines each client’s values and needs into a single experience. Our focus is to embrace that.

We believe that future insight and quality options make brands more competitive. We work for brands that want to lead in their industries.

Our projects

Our heart beats for new concepts and spaces. The use of different materials and colors to create the desired atmosphere often plays a key role in our work.

MySense by Flamingo Spa

Interior design for beauty salon & jooga studio.

Bistro Heili

Terrace design for a restaurant.

Troot Visio

Set Design for Youtube-channel.

What we do

Product design

Are you a manufacturer that needs new product ideas – or does your space need furniture that is especially made for it? Let’s talk and create something memorable together. We can help you with colors, materials and design.

  • Furniture design
  • Lighting
  • Accessories
  • Colours & Materials


Do you want your space to create unforgettable memories and experiences? Let us help you to achieve that.

  • Spatial design
  • Interior design
  • Exhibition design
  • Retail design
  • Hospitality

Concept design

Are you looking for brand new points of view and concept ideas for interiors or services? With us you will get an inspiring design manual that will lead you from visions to solutions.

  • Commercial concepts
  • Colour & material concepts
  • Spatial concepts
  • Shop concepts


Our clients

About us

Muodoste Design Studio

When you want new perspectives for what your company might need for the future, we promise to challenge your visions!

We can help to maximize the power of your project to create memorable marketing and stronger branding.